Dallas wedding & portrait Photographer

Andrea Elizabeth

I am continually inspired by the fact that what we do is forever. We are able to stop time and preserve memories that you will be able to hold onto and pass down for generations. With over 10 years as a wedding and family photographer, I combine experience and enthusiasm to produce intentional and artistic heirlooms for my clients.

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My husband and I eloped in Paris in 2017and since that time have had our two children - Torin and Sage. You'll find me editing your photos to true crime podcasts, ending the night with a fiction thriller book, or binging a sci-fi tv show. I will never tire of The Office, and you can always win my heart with an espresso. The toughest decision is having to choose between Tex-Mex and Sushi. I am borderline "crunchy", an avid label-checker, and always ready for happy hour on a patio. I won't keep a hair color for long, but it's fun while it lasts. Let's be friends!